Okay I apologise first for not writing any blog since past one month( I guess).as you guys know I am also a student so it’s very tough to take time for myself and write something .7

And secondly .. let’s talk about the topic that we have today .There’s something very mysterious about perfume. Unlike anything else, it’s the only thing we wear that is invisible, it’s unique on everyone, and most of the time we have very little understanding of the ingredients. A good smell can make your impression of break .

So la fumet a perfume brand recently collaborated with me and they sent me their product. A perfume. Okay so I am a kind of person who never uses a dark smell or what you can say.. Those extra smelly perfumes in my life cz I get headache with those kinda perfumes so I told them I am not into strong perfumes… so they sent me an amazing light smell perfume which is my current favorite. Umm I can’t figure out what actually it smells but trust me it’s perfectly made for me. Light smelly and perfect blend of ingredients.

Even they are customise there perfumes as your preferences so what are you waiting for go and get your perfume.

You can order perfumes from here

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Till then next time,

Much love,


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