Hi guys what’s up? So, if you are following me on Instagram then you must be know that I have recently collaborated with khadi global. Khadi global is a brand which make hair oils, shampoo, face washes etc. And the good thing about this brand is they use only natural products.

So few days back Khadi global sent me thier hair oil , “18in1” which is renewal bioactive hairoil. Here are the product details :-

Product details :- mrp:- 1245/- ingredients :- marula oil, olive oil, jojoba oil almond oil, Moroccan argan oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil ,moringa oil, Apricot ,kernel ,Castrol, blackseed, neem, Rosehip , tea tree Essential oil ,sunflower, aloe vera, Rosemary, jatamansi ,curry leaf and more oils.
Benefits :- reverse damage caused by chemicals, prevent premature greying, improve hair volume, smooth and silky , hair fall control , controls freeze, improve luste, dandruff control, improve texture.

How to use :-

Take out of small quantity of the hair oil and gently massage on to scalp using Circular finger tip motions leave on for at least half an hour preferably overnight. Shampoo as usual for enhanced benefits reap your hair in a most hot towel for 15 to 20 minutes after massage.

Review :-

Price is quite high but if you see the ingredients they used are really expensive and I used this hair oil, after using it 4-5times my hair felt amazing, smooth and also they are growing faster and obviously growing new hair.and the smells is quite good not so strong. This hair oil is not that much sticky .So I will totally recommend you. And still if you have some questions regarding this oil then ask me in the comments.

You can buy this product here

Till then next time


Much love,



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