My winter outfit diary

It’s been a long time I haven’t talk with you guys through my blog I was quite busy with my schedule. You know the college stuff and the Christmas parties and all . OK get back to the work winter is almost here and I want to share some winter outfit ideas to protect you in winter and make you feel more fashionable.

Sometimes it’s so hard to search something new in our wardrobe and we always end it up our argument with our wardrobe and wear something boring sweaters. Which we never liked but what can we do the temperature is high and we have only limited cloth to protect ourselves. But don’t worry we all know that winter is all about layering so we can layer our clothes, even we can layer our summer clothes with some full sleeve top or shirts and shorts with some high knee length socks So yeah, without any long long lecture let’s see the look.

I be honest ,I bought this pant for just rupees 150 from D Mart and I am loving it ,so I wear this pant with my turtle neck white crop top and to match my pant I wear a brown coloured polyester shirt.

Also I was not sure that this colours will look good on me or not but I am loving this outfit now, and yes I am going to experiment more with this kinda of outfit. If you have something in your mind do let me know in comment section or you can connect with me on my social media, my social media handles are

Instagram :-@thosedesidiaries.

Thank you for reading this blog if you like this blog then don’t forget to share this with your friends, family, girlfriends ,boyfriends. and if you are going to recreate this look then don’t forget to tag me in your pictures.

Until next time,

Much love,


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