Wardrobe basics

I was planning this blog since very long time..btw hows my readers are doing? Hope you all good and having good time with your life. So I posted a “ask me questions ” on instagram story and one of my follower asked me that whenever she going to buy her clothes she always get confused that what she actually should buy because fashion changes fast, So I answered her that always buy basics then I thought that let’s write a blog on ,what a girls should have in her wardrobe and what girls should buy.

Fix this point in your mind :-

Always invest your money in to basic clothes.


Because you can style your basic clothes in alot of different styles. They look chic as well.

What a girl should have in her wardrobe :-

1:- black skinny jeans

Sometimes we don’t want to think alot about what to wear so black skinny jeans and a cool top will look good for sure. A girl must have black jeans in her wardrobe.

2:- high waist jeans

High waist jeans is so comfortable and we feel so confident wearing it.

3:- plain t -shirts

Collect plain t-shirt in every single colour. Black and white are basics.

4:- denim jacket

A cool pair of denim jacket will never make your look boring.

5:- shirt

A basic white and black shirt is must have .

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