7 basic accessories (must have)

Hey there! Welcome back to another diary.so as you guys read the heading of the blog, so let’s just jump into the topic .

So basically accessories are those things which make you and your outfit look more attractive ,versatile and stylish. A right accessories can make your look good and a wrong accessories make your look bad obviously. A right scarf can make your basic clothes into stylish . Michael Kors says, ” accessories are the exclamation point of a women’s outfit.”

Let’s see some basic must have accessories in your wardrobe.

1. Hoops

Hoops are trending nowadays. Hoops are worn throughout 18th century. There are bunch of size and designs are available in the market.

2. Statement earrings:-

When you just want to make your outfit elegant and you don’t want to put more effort then you must have a statement but right statement earrings. Something like this:-

3. Chains (layerd ,choker )

So if you have a deep neck then chains can make your look more elegant . Layerd and choker chains are trending but don’t worry if you don’t have any you can make your own. Just take some plain chains in different sizes and add pendent whatever you like and it will work like two in one. You can layerd it with your choker also.

4:- Belts.

Belts are just a different statements in it. A right belt can make your outfit look good. Some basic black belt and colorfull belts also look good with correct denim and top as well as on dress.

5:- Bag:-

So nowadays belt bags are trending but make sure that you don’t buy those really traditional belt bag cz I find that fanny bag is more convenient. you can put your stuff in it and it’s best for traveling as well.

6:- bandana

Bandana can make your look cool .

7:- sunglasses

A good pair of glasses make you more confident.

Hope you guys find this blog helpful. If You have Some good suggestion about new blog then do let me know till then bye bye .

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