How I pose for my instagram photos.

Long time no see right!?hahaha… sorry I was busy with my exams and submission so I couldn’t upload a blog. No worries ,I am back with new blog . so in today’s blog I am going to share my secret of posing in the picture. So if you guys are following me on Instagram I putted a story that suggest a new topic for Blog. so many of you asked me that how you pose in the picture you should post a blog on it so here it is.

Right angle /good angle:-

So first you have to identify that which is your good angle and which is not good. Once you know your right angle then your photos must be good as you want. Sometimes some people look different from left angle and from right angle.

How to hide your pimples in selfie without makeup :-

Whenever we try to pose for selfie and that time we are confident about ourself too but pimple comes in and destroy our selfie. this happens with me too but I hate makeup and actually I don’t know how to apply makeup so I hide my pimples with using my hairs just like in the picture

Try to use natural light :-

Whenever you click photo make sure that in your photos the light is come from a perfect side. whenever you click a photo in sunlight your photo look good and that doesn’t need any artificial light. if you don’t have artificial light don’t worry you have sunlight so you can take selfies and photos anytime whenever sun comes.

Inspiration :-

Whenever you click a photo make sure you have an inspiration photo so it might be easy for posing .


This is the most important part in photo that is feeling. when you are posing for something make sure you feel the cloth you feel the environment you feel the photography. So your photo will look cool.

Editing :-

Try to use natural editing its ok sometime you go high but most of the time you should use natural editing.

Expressions :-

Expressions are always depend on the theam that you are creating.

Different camera angles :-

Try to use different camera angles.

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