One pant 6 ways to style

Hey guys what is up? Welcome to my blog diary again. Finally I am posting this blog am super excited to share this looks with you guys . It took me 2 hours to complete all this looks I think it’s pretty much low time . As you guys read the title of this blog that I have created 6 different looks with one pant this pant is actually a bow pant which is all comfy and trendy.

I am kinda obsessed with this pant because I love the looseness of this pant. I picked up this pant not only because this is trending but also it’s comfortable, cause I hate those skinny tight jeans in which I never felt comfortable. Bow and stripes are love I can wear it daily .

“Whenever you dressed up make sure that you are comfortable in that dress if you are not comfortable than you can’t feel confident.”

So,yeah without any big lecture let’s jump to the looks.

1. For the first look I picked up a white bodysuit which is showing my curvs. And whenever you wear something loose like if you are wearing a loose top then you should wear a tight fitting jeans or when you are very loose bottoms then you must wear a fitted top.along with I wore golden hoops and white loafers.


2. This look is my personal favourite look. I love the way top is looking with this pant. I were a laced up top, silver small size hoops and black boots. And for the hair I went low bun wich gives me cool vibe. I am obsessed with hoops nowadays.

3. Hey! you don’t have any denim jacket in your wardrobe you definitely should buy cause you can wear it with anything like anything. I wore my 3-4 sleeve denim jacket with slogan shirt which I tied a knot on my waist so it cannot look baggy.

4.Wait! I have created one more denim jacket look . This one full sleeve jacket which I wore with a white striped crop top and I am loving it.

5. In this look I went with the basic white striped crop top which is looking damn cute.(ps:- top’s strips are not visible cz climate)

6. Last look is something different. I wore a white shirt as an off shoulder and tied a belt on my waist.

Hope you guys like this blog. if you do then don’t forget to share with your friends, family, cousins or relative and if you are recreating any from above look so don’t forget to tag me in your pictures or share your pictures with me on my social media

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Till then bye bye

Much love,



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