Saying goodbye to summer in red

Oh finally summer is going. Somepeople like this season or some not. I don’t like summer those sunscreen, tan, allergy and so and so I just hate it. I like summer only 15% because of who don’t love mango.

Google said”Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun.”

From my opinion summer is all about heat. Anyway I am not opposite to it, don’t hate me for this šŸ˜¬

Back to the topic I have created two different looks for summer. Oh no I should say bye bye summer outfit šŸ˜‚.if you guys are following me on instagram so you are aware that right now I am obsessed with red. Summer is all about experimenting with your clothes and I love this part of it.

As I go through my wardrobe I saw there are no clothes to wear I told my mummy that “let’s go for shopping I have no clothes to wear” but as usual Indian mother says “itne kapde jama karke rakhe hai kya Karna hai uska” and then I just quit and came back to my bedroom and I thought mummy is right I spend lots of money on clothes I should stop buying them and then I thought if I stop buying them then how can I called a fashion blogger. Then I realisednthat experimenting with your clothes is also a thing which is on high demand so I thought let’s experiment with my clothes so here are the results.

First look:- For the first look I picked up a red boyfriend shirt,boyfriend shirt means all baggy ,all loose, all comfortable and as you guys know that I love comfortable cloth. So I styled this shirt with a side Strip pant which is really trending right now. I wore this shirt like an off shoulder to look cool, for the Messier look I tucked my front part of the shirt into the pant and the back part of the shirt overt. And the boots change the whole look.

Second look:-Off shoulder is like a heart of Summer. I bought this dress before 5 -6 months and I was not pretty sure that it will look good on me so I was scared to wear that dress but there was no option so I wore with a belt and yeah it was really good and I literally loving it. There is no experimenting in this look I just wore simple Black Belt on my waist to give a nice curve. With a pair of black heels I completed this look .

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Till then bye bye

Much love,



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