DIY side slit pant

Hey guys, how are you all?

Well I m soo happy to share you that in next month I. E. in June I am completing one year of blogging. Yes I am excited for this, although I am not gonna celebrate this but still I am feeling soo good ryt now.

2-3 days back I was reading my first blog. Yeah sometimes I like to explore my self 😂. So as I read in that “you can see DIY’s in my future blog “and I thought I haven’t done any blog on DIY so I thought of sharing my personal favorite DIY side slit pant .its trendy, it’s cool, it’s sexy and it’s affordable too. So without any long long “kahaniya” let’s jump to the DIY. Yooo

All you need in this DIY is

  1. Old denim pant (you can use your Palazzo pants too)
  2. A tailor chalk (you can use markers as well)
  3. Measuring tap
  4. Scissor
  5. Stitch opner
  6. Needle and thread.

First you have to pull your jeans,

Then you have to measure the length of the slit you want.

Then mark the length with chalk .make sure both sides are equal.

Then take your stitch opner. If you don’t have than you can also use Needle or safety pins for remove the stitch.

Now remove the outer side stitch of the denim from the both side. and stitch the edges with the help of Needle and thread or sweing machine or you can use fabric glue or hot glue gun too.

And this is the end result.

hope you guys like it. If you do and you are trying then don’t forget to share your pictures with me on my social media.

My social media handles are :-

Instagram :- @thosedesidiaries

snapchat :- @hiralppp

till then bye bye

much love,



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