Side slit pant diary

Hey guys, what is up?

It’s been long long long time I haven’t posted any blog (I think this is my tag line) 😂 “chalo chodo”. How’s my all cuties doing? Good? Yeah! But I am not good at all, cz of summer. I hate summer, so much heat, sweat, dust, allergy and what not and the most important annoying thing is sunscreen. But thank god in my city the temperature Is not high as compare to Mumbai and Gujarat. People says that once you live in Mumbai no other city is look good, but from my opinion once you live in nashik no other city and people make feel you good. Ryt nashik kities?

Back to the topic, this summer is came up with really cool trend and one of the my most favorite is side slit pant. I am kinda obsessed with the loose pants and I m hating those skinny jeans to look you gorgeous but feel you uncomfortable, this side slit pants are so comfortable and also look sexy as well. So without any long long lecture and paragraph let’s see the look.

The reason I choose this printed pant is :- usually you don’t see it and the second is it’s colour full and summer is all about colours ryt?

I paired this beautiful, sexy pant with plain black top and some golden chokers and a pair of hill and how can I forget bag and sunglasses are “jaan” (heart) of the look.

if you like the look then don’t forget to share with your friend, family and give it a big like and don’t forget to comment their. And if you’re recreating this look so don’t forget to tag me in your pictures on social media.

my social media handles :-

Instagram : – @thosedesidiaries

snapchat : – @hiralppp

till then bye bye!

much love,



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