Summer is all about….

Oh my god! It’s been long time that I haven’t posted any blog just because I was busy in my exams, and also I am excited for my first year fashion show… Only excited.. No I am damn excited. I think what I dreamed two years back it’s all move in to reality. Those glamours outfits, sketches, models, shows, show stopper and what not. I still remember the days I prayed for the thing I have now. So moving to the topic of the day is summer is all about florals and sunscreen . So In this blog I am going to talk about healthy skin?! .. No I think I am going to post this on my next blog because I don’t want this blog is go super long, and you go tired of reading this. (haha just joking) So as I told you that summer season is all about florals so I have created some looks hope you enjoy it. This is the first look. I wore a skirt and as a tube dress.I was not comfortable with so I wore a maching shirt and tied the edges of the shirt around my waist line and its totally Perfact for beach side. You don’t have to buy something different you can create your own style. This Maxi dress was super long for me I thought of wearing heals with it but I couldn’t find it so I just tied the edges from the end and yeah it’s giving me a proper cool look which I personally like it. So yeah hope you guys like the look ✌ See you guys next time Much love, Thosedesidiaries


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