Valentine look, but not in red??!

Valentine day is here and don’t worry if you don’t have any Valentine. I also don’t have but I do celebrate this day with only me. Like how ryt? I dress up for my self ,I take time for my Kajal for my mascara my lipstick and the best part is that time I only love myself the way I am. And I give Compliment to me sounds boring???… Try it once look at the mirror and say, “darling your looking bomb today ” and smile. It’s OK if no one gives you gift in this week or day gift your self is the biggest gift for you. Take your self out for dinner, buy clothes or some other stuff for your self and enjoy ur company.

*“`This is fashion blog AC hiral constantrate on the blog.“`*

OK back to the topic . Valentine look but not in red! Yes cz everyone is wearing red on this day but I think I look good with other colours like I have selected mustered colour. What?! Yes…

Let’s have a look….

Got this dress and bracelet and sheads from Mumbai (parla west) and bag is my sister’s. The look is damn easy but it is perfect and elegant look for Valentines , or any bruch date. For attractive look I wore bag as a belt. And for the hairs , the hair style called side ditch bun.

So yeah that’s it for the day see you next time . Hope you guys like the blog if you then don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and don’t forget to tag me in your pictureS. My social media handles are

Instagram :- @thosedesidiaries

snapchat :- @hiralppp

And yeah sorry for the late I was quite busy with my college work hope you guys understand:)

Till then bye!


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