Gothic fashion,New addiction 


Oh! I mean hello. Yes as you guys read the heading of the blog “gothic fashion” so haila is the Gothic word that means hello.

Nowadays I am obsessed with Gothic fashion all dark and violent. I search this style on Google baba 😀 and I just loved it and I thought I should make a look of this kind of look which is totally interesing.

Before we take a look of the look I want to mention two -three things about outfit –

I ordered one size bigger then my original size cz I wanted it oversized.

Top- bewakoof. Com

Jeans – D jeans

Choker – diy

Layered chain – local shop (nashik)

Loafers – local shop (nashik)

So for the hair style I go with two buns I mean just look at them they look so cute in western outfit and yeah it’s also Gothic. You guys know I love messy things so I removed some hair from my front part of head. Look more sexy I wore choker and and some layered chain cz it’s so in trend. Dark lipstick and simple basic eye liner is the makeup.

So yeah that’s the look hope you guys like it if you don’t forget to share this blog.

Until next time ❤

Much love,


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