25 years old letter to my self

Dear me 2024,

I know that you are giving full attention to your career and your boutique . You are mess with your life and yeah how can I forget “mummy” she is also giving pressure right?  “Shadi kar le beta” hahaha.

May be you’re  now very busy kind of girl but don’t forget that you’re  first a writer and then a chef and last a fashion designer so give your time for it. Just to remind you that you’re not alone your family is with you bitch. 

OK! First thing don’t  get jealous of seeing a couple in your boutique   just remember that the good time is coming super soon. And yeah just forget about those friends who dumped in your past and always keep smiling cz your mamma loves your smile ☺ .

You’re not boring today. I’m writing this letter cz I want you to remember every single struggle you face , every single tear you shed for those people who  were not even worth it , every effort you make to overcome the disadvantage of your background and reach your goals so that at 25 or any year coming you will able to look back and see exactly how far you have gone,  how tough you have had no choice but become and give yourselves the credits you-know-what the kid that come from very little,  damn well deserve.

I know that you have must changed a lot , now you’re not lazy like before,  now you’re not using instagram on daily basis and main thing is now you’re independent. The wonderful thing is that those mistakes,  those suicidal thoughts,  those scars,  those braveness and those over reacts are really worth it my girl. 

One thing stay strong and true to yourself <3.

Much love,

Me from 2017


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