Exercise? I thought  you said accessories 

Hey guys, so I am back with another blog. Exited ?Yes I am super exited . Who don’t love accessories? I am super big fan of silver jewellery or you can say banjaran accessories.

“I wish that every time I ‘liked’ an accessories on Pinterest it would magically appear in my jewellery box”

Now days silver jewellery and Bohemia bags are So in trend . So I thought that why shouldn’t I write a blog on this topic. So without any big lecture I am going to share with you some of my jewellery and some cool tips and tricks!!!

1. layerd chain necklace

These are the layerd necklace which I wear with black top, pink anarkali and red formal top.

2. Coin necklace

I am obssed with coin necklace they look so trendy <3.
3. Party necklace

You can wear this type of necklace on party wear or office wear

Now I am gonna share you some of the shopping site which I personally like their accessories .

4 . http://www.ajio.com

This are the some of the jewelry which are in trend right now…

5. http://www.quirksmithjewelry.com

They have very quirky jewelry and they have something new all time.

6. http://www.thehype.com

7. Kodi jewelry

So that is it for today see u next time in new blog.

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Happy Navratri!
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