My first blog

Umm yeah quit excited after all this is my first blog. Many of you will judge me, many of you love me and yeah many you will hate me for the first time.

Soo first of all I want to introduce my self.

Hi I am Hiral Patel from nashik and I am doing Bsc in fashion designing. OK I usually don’t like 1 1/2 page intro 😛 about my self. So my all future blogs will be on fashion some DIYs and some tips and tricks so hope you guys you like my blogs.

Will see you in my next blog!

Don’t forget to love your self! ❤

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Wardrobe basics

I was planning this blog since very long time..btw hows my readers are doing? Hope you all good and having good time with your life. So I posted a “ask me questions ” on instagram story and one of my follower asked me that whenever she going to buy her clothes she always get confused that what she actually should buy because fashion changes fast, So I answered her that always buy basics then I thought that let’s write a blog on ,what a girls should have in her wardrobe and what girls should buy.

Fix this point in your mind :-

Always invest your money in to basic clothes.


Because you can style your basic clothes in alot of different styles. They look chic as well.

What a girl should have in her wardrobe :-

1:- black skinny jeans

Sometimes we don’t want to think alot about what to wear so black skinny jeans and a cool top will look good for sure. A girl must have black jeans in her wardrobe.

2:- high waist jeans

High waist jeans is so comfortable and we feel so confident wearing it.

3:- plain t -shirts

Collect plain t-shirt in every single colour. Black and white are basics.

4:- denim jacket

A cool pair of denim jacket will never make your look boring.

5:- shirt

A basic white and black shirt is must have .

Much love,


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7 basic accessories (must have)

Hey there! Welcome back to another as you guys read the heading of the blog, so let’s just jump into the topic .

So basically accessories are those things which make you and your outfit look more attractive ,versatile and stylish. A right accessories can make your look good and a wrong accessories make your look bad obviously. A right scarf can make your basic clothes into stylish . Michael Kors says, ” accessories are the exclamation point of a women’s outfit.”

Let’s see some basic must have accessories in your wardrobe.

1. Hoops

Hoops are trending nowadays. Hoops are worn throughout 18th century. There are bunch of size and designs are available in the market.

2. Statement earrings:-

When you just want to make your outfit elegant and you don’t want to put more effort then you must have a statement but right statement earrings. Something like this:-

3. Chains (layerd ,choker )

So if you have a deep neck then chains can make your look more elegant . Layerd and choker chains are trending but don’t worry if you don’t have any you can make your own. Just take some plain chains in different sizes and add pendent whatever you like and it will work like two in one. You can layerd it with your choker also.

4:- Belts.

Belts are just a different statements in it. A right belt can make your outfit look good. Some basic black belt and colorfull belts also look good with correct denim and top as well as on dress.

5:- Bag:-

So nowadays belt bags are trending but make sure that you don’t buy those really traditional belt bag cz I find that fanny bag is more convenient. you can put your stuff in it and it’s best for traveling as well.

6:- bandana

Bandana can make your look cool .

7:- sunglasses

A good pair of glasses make you more confident.

Hope you guys find this blog helpful. If You have Some good suggestion about new blog then do let me know till then bye bye .

Much love,


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How I pose for my instagram photos.

Long time no see right!?hahaha… sorry I was busy with my exams and submission so I couldn’t upload a blog. No worries ,I am back with new blog . so in today’s blog I am going to share my secret of posing in the picture. So if you guys are following me on Instagram I putted a story that suggest a new topic for Blog. so many of you asked me that how you pose in the picture you should post a blog on it so here it is.

Right angle /good angle:-

So first you have to identify that which is your good angle and which is not good. Once you know your right angle then your photos must be good as you want. Sometimes some people look different from left angle and from right angle.

How to hide your pimples in selfie without makeup :-

Whenever we try to pose for selfie and that time we are confident about ourself too but pimple comes in and destroy our selfie. this happens with me too but I hate makeup and actually I don’t know how to apply makeup so I hide my pimples with using my hairs just like in the picture

Try to use natural light :-

Whenever you click photo make sure that in your photos the light is come from a perfect side. whenever you click a photo in sunlight your photo look good and that doesn’t need any artificial light. if you don’t have artificial light don’t worry you have sunlight so you can take selfies and photos anytime whenever sun comes.

Inspiration :-

Whenever you click a photo make sure you have an inspiration photo so it might be easy for posing .


This is the most important part in photo that is feeling. when you are posing for something make sure you feel the cloth you feel the environment you feel the photography. So your photo will look cool.

Editing :-

Try to use natural editing its ok sometime you go high but most of the time you should use natural editing.

Expressions :-

Expressions are always depend on the theam that you are creating.

Different camera angles :-

Try to use different camera angles.

Hope you guys Like this Blog if you like and if you are going to use this tricks then do let me know it works for you or not. And if you like this blog then don’t forget to share this blog with your family ,friends ,cousins, siblings and all the human beings.

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Collage outfit ideas

Hello folks what is up welcome to my YouTube channel….. Oops sorry I saw alot of video’s on YouTube today :D. So i just… Anyway all my girls how’s your collage is treating you? Well well this is the period of your life where you are actually free.. Not like school you have to wear uniform and two braids and all. Now you can wear whatever you want to wear but some girls are really confused about what to wear.

And I’m sorry I am posting this blog little bit late but I was so busy with my submissions so without any in long long lecture let’s jump into the looks.

First look:-

First look is my personal favourite look which is checks top ,checks are really on demand right now. This look is so damn easy. I wore this top with my black half leather Jegging and with black boots along with hoops. ok so nowadays hoops are also trending and I am obsessed with hoops and two braids and I love brown lipstick so yeah I wore it and I am good to go.

Second look:-

For the second look I decided to wear Bell sleeve top sleeve detailing is love. With some matching choker black pant and Gladiators I have completed this look.

Third look:-

So for the third look I wore a plain white Khadi kurti which has green bottom and a stand collar some ripped Denim and banjran jewelry (as you guys know that I am crazyly obsessed with banjaran jewelry ) and I am good to go.

Fourth look:-

So I decided to wear some suspender skirt and again checks top with black boots.

Fifth look:-

Last but not least.we girls everytime want to feel comfortable and the most comfy thing in our wardrobe is Pj’s like seriously who can wear Pj’s in college? but give it a cool touch you can wear your pj in your college as well.take a look

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One pant 6 ways to style

Hey guys what is up? Welcome to my blog diary again. Finally I am posting this blog am super excited to share this looks with you guys . It took me 2 hours to complete all this looks I think it’s pretty much low time . As you guys read the title of this blog that I have created 6 different looks with one pant this pant is actually a bow pant which is all comfy and trendy.

I am kinda obsessed with this pant because I love the looseness of this pant. I picked up this pant not only because this is trending but also it’s comfortable, cause I hate those skinny tight jeans in which I never felt comfortable. Bow and stripes are love I can wear it daily .

“Whenever you dressed up make sure that you are comfortable in that dress if you are not comfortable than you can’t feel confident.”

So,yeah without any big lecture let’s jump to the looks.

1. For the first look I picked up a white bodysuit which is showing my curvs. And whenever you wear something loose like if you are wearing a loose top then you should wear a tight fitting jeans or when you are very loose bottoms then you must wear a fitted top.along with I wore golden hoops and white loafers.


2. This look is my personal favourite look. I love the way top is looking with this pant. I were a laced up top, silver small size hoops and black boots. And for the hair I went low bun wich gives me cool vibe. I am obsessed with hoops nowadays.

3. Hey! you don’t have any denim jacket in your wardrobe you definitely should buy cause you can wear it with anything like anything. I wore my 3-4 sleeve denim jacket with slogan shirt which I tied a knot on my waist so it cannot look baggy.

4.Wait! I have created one more denim jacket look . This one full sleeve jacket which I wore with a white striped crop top and I am loving it.

5. In this look I went with the basic white striped crop top which is looking damn cute.(ps:- top’s strips are not visible cz climate)

6. Last look is something different. I wore a white shirt as an off shoulder and tied a belt on my waist.

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Saying goodbye to summer in red

Oh finally summer is going. Somepeople like this season or some not. I don’t like summer those sunscreen, tan, allergy and so and so I just hate it. I like summer only 15% because of who don’t love mango.

Google said”Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun.”

From my opinion summer is all about heat. Anyway I am not opposite to it, don’t hate me for this 😬

Back to the topic I have created two different looks for summer. Oh no I should say bye bye summer outfit 😂.if you guys are following me on instagram so you are aware that right now I am obsessed with red. Summer is all about experimenting with your clothes and I love this part of it.

As I go through my wardrobe I saw there are no clothes to wear I told my mummy that “let’s go for shopping I have no clothes to wear” but as usual Indian mother says “itne kapde jama karke rakhe hai kya Karna hai uska” and then I just quit and came back to my bedroom and I thought mummy is right I spend lots of money on clothes I should stop buying them and then I thought if I stop buying them then how can I called a fashion blogger. Then I realisednthat experimenting with your clothes is also a thing which is on high demand so I thought let’s experiment with my clothes so here are the results.

First look:- For the first look I picked up a red boyfriend shirt,boyfriend shirt means all baggy ,all loose, all comfortable and as you guys know that I love comfortable cloth. So I styled this shirt with a side Strip pant which is really trending right now. I wore this shirt like an off shoulder to look cool, for the Messier look I tucked my front part of the shirt into the pant and the back part of the shirt overt. And the boots change the whole look.

Second look:-Off shoulder is like a heart of Summer. I bought this dress before 5 -6 months and I was not pretty sure that it will look good on me so I was scared to wear that dress but there was no option so I wore with a belt and yeah it was really good and I literally loving it. There is no experimenting in this look I just wore simple Black Belt on my waist to give a nice curve. With a pair of black heels I completed this look .

Hope you guys like this blog. if you do then don’t forget to share with your friends, family, cousins or any relative and if you are recreating my first look so don’t forget to tag me in your pictures or share your pictures with me on my social media

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DIY side slit pant

Hey guys, how are you all?

Well I m soo happy to share you that in next month I. E. in June I am completing one year of blogging. Yes I am excited for this, although I am not gonna celebrate this but still I am feeling soo good ryt now.

2-3 days back I was reading my first blog. Yeah sometimes I like to explore my self 😂. So as I read in that “you can see DIY’s in my future blog “and I thought I haven’t done any blog on DIY so I thought of sharing my personal favorite DIY side slit pant .its trendy, it’s cool, it’s sexy and it’s affordable too. So without any long long “kahaniya” let’s jump to the DIY. Yooo

All you need in this DIY is

  1. Old denim pant (you can use your Palazzo pants too)
  2. A tailor chalk (you can use markers as well)
  3. Measuring tap
  4. Scissor
  5. Stitch opner
  6. Needle and thread.

First you have to pull your jeans,

Then you have to measure the length of the slit you want.

Then mark the length with chalk .make sure both sides are equal.

Then take your stitch opner. If you don’t have than you can also use Needle or safety pins for remove the stitch.

Now remove the outer side stitch of the denim from the both side. and stitch the edges with the help of Needle and thread or sweing machine or you can use fabric glue or hot glue gun too.

And this is the end result.

hope you guys like it. If you do and you are trying then don’t forget to share your pictures with me on my social media.

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till then bye bye

much love,


Ruffle dress diary

Bello everyone,

Welcome to summer, summer where you can wear whatever you want to wear…. Naaahhh not really. The summer where you never comfortable with pants. I personally like loose clothes which are quit comfortable.

So today I am going to show you how to give a cool and comfy touch to your outfit.

Thelook is very simple. I picked up a Ruffle long dress which is actually above my ankle ,I wore this dress with white sneakers which have gold and detailing and Golden hoops which are really big for me but I still loved it.

The reason behind I choose this dress is just ruffles. The colour and the texture of the fabric make me feel Bohemian girl.

hope you like the look.

Till then bye.

Much love,


Side slit pant diary

Hey guys, what is up?

It’s been long long long time I haven’t posted any blog (I think this is my tag line) 😂 “chalo chodo”. How’s my all cuties doing? Good? Yeah! But I am not good at all, cz of summer. I hate summer, so much heat, sweat, dust, allergy and what not and the most important annoying thing is sunscreen. But thank god in my city the temperature Is not high as compare to Mumbai and Gujarat. People says that once you live in Mumbai no other city is look good, but from my opinion once you live in nashik no other city and people make feel you good. Ryt nashik kities?

Back to the topic, this summer is came up with really cool trend and one of the my most favorite is side slit pant. I am kinda obsessed with the loose pants and I m hating those skinny jeans to look you gorgeous but feel you uncomfortable, this side slit pants are so comfortable and also look sexy as well. So without any long long lecture and paragraph let’s see the look.

The reason I choose this printed pant is :- usually you don’t see it and the second is it’s colour full and summer is all about colours ryt?

I paired this beautiful, sexy pant with plain black top and some golden chokers and a pair of hill and how can I forget bag and sunglasses are “jaan” (heart) of the look.

if you like the look then don’t forget to share with your friend, family and give it a big like and don’t forget to comment their. And if you’re recreating this look so don’t forget to tag me in your pictures on social media.

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much love,


Summer is all about….

Oh my god! It’s been long time that I haven’t posted any blog just because I was busy in my exams, and also I am excited for my first year fashion show… Only excited.. No I am damn excited. I think what I dreamed two years back it’s all move in to reality. Those glamours outfits, sketches, models, shows, show stopper and what not. I still remember the days I prayed for the thing I have now. So moving to the topic of the day is summer is all about florals and sunscreen . So In this blog I am going to talk about healthy skin?! .. No I think I am going to post this on my next blog because I don’t want this blog is go super long, and you go tired of reading this. (haha just joking) So as I told you that summer season is all about florals so I have created some looks hope you enjoy it. This is the first look. I wore a skirt and as a tube dress.I was not comfortable with so I wore a maching shirt and tied the edges of the shirt around my waist line and its totally Perfact for beach side. You don’t have to buy something different you can create your own style. This Maxi dress was super long for me I thought of wearing heals with it but I couldn’t find it so I just tied the edges from the end and yeah it’s giving me a proper cool look which I personally like it. So yeah hope you guys like the look ✌ See you guys next time Much love, Thosedesidiaries